We do everything for you and your Mazda

Mazda Service

All Mazda vehicles come fully loaded with happiness with YOJIN3 TOTAL CARE, a value-added package that comes with your brand new vehicle. Aimed at enhancing your Mazda ownership experience at no added cost at all, Yojin – a Japanese term for care – is a first of its kind in the automotive industry.

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Free 3-Year Warranty

New Vehicle Limited Warranty: Bumper-To-Bumper coverage for three (3) years or 100,000 km, whichever comes first.

Roadside Assistance

Free 3-Year Roadside Assistance (Nationwide)

  • Emergency Towing Assistance
  • Minor On-Site Vehicle Repair Assistance
  • Alternative Travel Assistance
  • Arrangement of Hotel Accommodation Assistance
  • Vehicle Removal

Free 3-Year Concierge Service

  • Dinning Referral and Reservation Assistance
  • Hotel Referral and Reservation Assistance
  • Golf Course Referral and Reservation Assistance
  • Car Rental and Limousine Referral and Reservation Assistance
  • Business Services
  • Flower and Gift Delivery Assistance
  • Courier Service Assistance

Periodic Maintenance Service

Free 3-Year Periodic Maintenance Service

Free parts and labor for every scheduled service for three (3) years or 60,000 km, whichever comes first.