Carrying Mazda’s globally recognized and award-winning selection of vehicles, the LausGroup is an authorized dealer of the brand’s prized products and aftersales services with its dealerships strategically located in Central and North Luzon.

-In 2012, Mazda Cabanatuan and Mazda Dagupan were consecutively established under Laus Mazda Group.
-In 2013, Mazda Pampanga and Mazda Tarlac concurrently became members of Laus Mazda Group.
-In 2015, Mazda Pampanga has moved back to its original and permanent home, as the first dealership in Central and North Luzon to adhere to the Japanese brand’s new corporate identity.


Mazda’s history as an automotive manufacturer began back in 1931, although its first motor vehicle – a 3-wheeler truck – rolled off the production line in 1929. As Mazda progressed through the years, its Zoom-Zoom quest to defy convention has been the guiding light. From the development and production of the R360 in 1960 and the rotary engine through to the legendary Mazda MX-5 the company has always made it a point to think beyond the norm. Now, its solid commitment is to making Mazda cars the most fuel-efficient in the world. Mazda’s SKYACTIV engines and technologies give customers extraordinary levels of performance and outstanding economy. Mazda will continue to defy convention in everything it does in order to achieve the best possible results.